Board Of Directors

David A. Brown - Division 2
Arlen D. Miller - Division 4
Vice President
FWA Director
Brian Hixson- Division 1
JPIA Director
FPA Alternate Director
Andrew Brown - Division 3
FWA Alternate Director

Kevin Orlopp- Division 5
FPA Director
JPIA Alternate Director

Engineer Manager Secretary-Assessor-Collector

Fergus Morrissey


Roger Paine


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Current 2024 Secured Allocation For On Time Applicants is 121% of 1.4 AF Per Acre (121% = 1.7 AF Per Acre)

2024 Rules and Regulations

2023 Water Year Power Rates - True Up

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Division 1 Vacancy

California Water Code

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A Valley In Crisis - FKC Subsidence

OCID Ground Water Data

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Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program - Kings River Watershed Coalition Authority

Orange Cove Irrigation District

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(Update to the about the district page) The District has satisfied its Repayment Obligation (its share of costs) to the United States for construction of the Friant Division. With this payoff the District has secured a Repayment Contract (9d Contract) which is not subject to renewal / is perpetual.  This 9d Contract supersedes the District’s former Water Supply Contract that was subject to renewal and had a 25 year term.  


he Orange Cove Irrigation District is in so many ways a perfect example of a successful Reclamation Program, accomplishing what was intended under the Reclamation Act of 1902 by encouraging a thriving rural community of family farms. OCID farms average 54 acres in size.

OCID serves nearly 28,000 acres of the most productive portion of the eastern San Joaquin Valley’s “Citrus Belt,” and over 500 property owners in portions of Fresno and Tulare counties along the Central Valley Project’s Friant-Kern Canal.

The District is a recognized leader in water service with a state-of-the-art, computer controlled delivery system.  OCID is committed to providing landowners with an affordable and reliable water supply far into the future.
We’re proud of our District and of the facts and figures you will find in our web site (about the district page).


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